Monday, 20 January 2014

Steven Mark Olschwanger Do’s and Don’ts in Diet

1)      Water:
Drink plenty of water. Many are confused thirst with huger. When you drink plenty of water you will not feel hungry in between meals.  Water balances the metabolism of our body.

2)      Exercise:
The simple way to tell weight loss is using more calories than consumed calories. So do exercise. Exercise not only helps in weight loss but also energizes and refreshes the body. Do different kinds of exercises. So that you will have fun and the same time you will lose weight.

3)      Eat
Eat food that will keep your stomach for longer time. When your stomach is full then the time between meals will increases and when you eat you will eat little and not more. Eat fiber rich foods so that you will get enough energy as well as good diet. There is a common saying that “Eat like a king in the morning and beggar at night”. So eat a lot in the morning and never skip breakfast. Eat healthy snacks between each meal.

4)      Sleep:
When you get 8 hours of sleep every single night it not only energizes and rebuilds the body but also helps in weight loss.

5)      Set a goal:
Set a goal that how much weight must be reduced in how many days. So that you will be motivated towards weight loss, plan accordingly and finally achieve the goal.
1)      Food:
Don’t skip meals or don’t take less calorie food as it will result in over eating because your body can’t tolerate hunger for a long time. Don’t eat a lot before going to sleep as it will disturb the sleep and it is not easy to digest the food at night times. Don’t eat fried or fat rich food; if you want some result then you must put some effort. Don’t eat processed food.

2)      Exercise:
Don’t overdo exercise. Exercise is very good but overdoing is not good so exercise 30 minutes to one hour a day and 3 or four days a week and give rest for the remaining days.

3)      Weigh:
Don’t check your weight daily as it will give worries because don’t expect anything to happen in overnight. The result will be produced gradually and not in a single day.

4)      Don’t seek the help of chemicals or other unnatural ways. It will cause loss in health and money. Seek the help of natural foods and products.

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