Thursday, 16 January 2014

Steve Olschwanger Developing Healthy Food Habits

Most people love to eat but there are some foods which are not healthy. Even though we know they are unhealthy, we still eat them. And this is the main reason for overweight says Steve Olschwanger. Bad eating habits are the main reason for putting weight in the body. Being overweight leads to several diseases like heart attack, diabetes and even can result in stroke. That is, people should more concentrate on the food they are eating and it is always essential and advisory to eat healthy foods and develop healthy food habits.

“When you eat any food, you should ask these questions to yourself” says Steven. “Is this food healthy?” and “Will it be beneficial to my body?”. If you say no to these questions, then your food is not great and it must be improved to lead a very happy and disease free life. One should practice always healthy food habits to avoid such inconvenience. Steven’s tips would be useful to you while following healthy food habits.

1.     Have complete meals everyday and that means do not skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2.     Your food should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables.
3.     Look for the words ‘whole grain’ as a first ingredient on breads and pastas.
4.     Add more body building foods such as milk, pulses, egg, meat etc.
5.     Taking in eight to ten glasses of water will keep you active during your work.
6.  Don’t just have all meat, all vegetables or all carbohydrates. Include a small serving of each.
7.    Get the natural kind when it comes to candies such as candies with less sugar and additives.
8.     Have fruits and vegetables on hand at all times.
9.     Eat slowly and the main thing is to chew your food and eat.
10. Don’t eat meals sitting in front of the TV or Computer.
11. Do not talk while eating. Do not eat while talking over the phone and these things will make sometimes to over eat.
12. Eat as much as you need don’t eat as much as you can.
13. Don’t eat something as because it is there.
14. Practice exercises in a regular manner.
15.Instead of cool drinks, you can also take coconut water or butter milk.

Steve Olschwanger is a Food and Nutrition Specialist who has written several books on health. Be a role model and Be Healthy!

Follow the tips of Steven to develop Healthy food habits!!!

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