Friday, 17 January 2014

Steve Olschwanger Diet and Nutrition for children

Nutrition is needed for everyone and at any time. The quantity of the nutrition differs. Nutritious foods make children healthy and sharpen minds. Giving nutritious food is very much important as they are in the growing stage. Healthy eating promotes optimal growth and prevents obesity, says Steve Olschwanger.

Importance of breakfast in children health

Breakfast is very important very important for children. Breakfast helps the children to concentrate on studies and gives energy for the whole day. Breakfast is the food of brain, so it is unavoidable for children who go to school. Children who eat breakfast will have a good mental performance than the children who don’t eat breakfast.

If children don’t eat breakfast will not have memory retention and speech fluency. When children do not eat breakfast the brain cell will start damaging. Foods that are rich in carbohydrate are said to be healthy breakfast for children. Milk, banana and whole grain would be a best choice for children’s breakfast.

Healthy snacks
Like adults children can’t sit and eat and get full but they can have 4 to five meals a day. So that they can gain energy for the whole day and it also helps in developing healthy habits. But it is important to give them healthy snacks. Foods, cereal, smoothies, peanut butter, popcorn, baked sweet potatoes, fruit bars, a glass of milk, low fat cheese and apple slices would be nutritious and healthy for children.

Make your children to drink more water. They can take 6 to 8 glasses of water per day so that they will not suffer from dehydration. And brain is made up of 80% of water; it helps in children to develop their mental ability.  Other than water milk and fruit juices are good for them. Avoid fizzy drinks as they are low in nutrients but high in sugar.

Vegetables and Fruits
Whenever it comes for diet vegetables and fruits plays a vital role. Fruits and vegetables increases nutrition but reduce obesity and other sick factors in children. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber so they help in good digestion. They will be healthy as well as strong in academic performances. 

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