Thursday, 21 March 2013

Steven Mark Olschwanger's New Banner Ads

I’m so surprised that major Medias have not learned how to maximize their time especially since there are staff shortages throughout the industry. If you have a major Media Website you can contact Steven Mark Olschwanger and he can consult with you how to get the most advertising revenue for banner ad sales.
I see so many major Media Websites try and sell banner ads the same way they did with print display, broadcasting, and radio spots. You will never have enough staff to sell banner ads this way nor will your current sales staff want to put much effort into banner ads when they can make more money selling their core product.

Steven Olschwanger has been selling Media Banner Ads for nearly 15 years. Media groups have retained Steven Mark Olschwanger over the years to help simply and improve their sales efforts when it comes time to market banner ads.

Steven Olschwanger and can increase your advertising sales efforts with smaller sales staff and show your staff a whole new way to market banner ads and be more successful. He charges a flat rate to work with your staff. The best way to save money with his travel expenses is to hire Steven Mark Olschwanger and use teleconferencing instead of flying him in to your market.

When Steven Mark Olschwanger use to fly to his clients market he would guarantee a return for the week he was in a market of a 5 to 1 return. At that time Steven Olschwanger charged $7,000 plus expenses for the week he consulted in a market. Yes that’s right he would generate for the week $35,000 in new banner ad revenue.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Steven Mark Olschwanger's Banner Ads for Medias

Steven Mark Olschwanger is an expert when it comes to selling banner ads for major Medias. Steven Mark Olschwanger takes the common sense approach that it doesn’t take 6 months to see if a banner ad will work for an Advertiser. It should only take 2 – 3 months as long as you target your audience properly. A good starting amount of impressions for an individual city should be 100,000 – 150,000 monthly impressions.

The creative portion of the banner ad should stand out and be inviting for a User to click on the banner for more information. Steven Mark Olschwanger believes you should limit the amount of banner ad sales in a given topic. Banner ads should never be run below the fold unless the website is geared with educational information that goes down the entire page. Many advertisers run ROS or Run of Site to get the best rate when many of their banners will run below the fold and does them no good.

Steven Olschwanger states to make sure to line up your target audience with the area the site is attracting Users. For example if you are trying to attract people for Dental Implants make sure your target audience is an older demographic with expendable income as you will find even if you have insurance it will not cover most of the high cost.

Steve Mark Olschwanger is considered to be an expert on generating new banner ad revenue for newspaper, television, and radio websites.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to eat out at Mexican Restaurants when you are trying to lose weight

Steven Sanger says us you can eat out a Mexican restaurant, enjoy it, and diet all at the same time. Steven Olschwanger tells us to tell the server not to bring out the chips. Replace the chips with corn tortillas as they are less fattening. Do not put butter on your tortillas use Salsa.

Steven Olschwanger tells us even though guacamole is health due to the avocados there is oil in the avocados so cut out the guacamole. As your main entrée order fajitas or enchiladas made with corn tortillas. Tell your server to leave off the cheese and order chicken enchiladas. Instead of refried beans which in a sense are fried order black beans.

Also another good non fattening entrée is fish, snapper, mahi mahi, and swordfish make for low fat entrees along with Salsa.

Before you leave try and drink one full glass of water. Steven Olschwanger states the more water you drink the less you will eat. Always try and use Salsa for extra flavoring.

Steven Olschwanger tells us we need to learn how to make our dining out experiences more favorable so that a person can enjoy their new eating plan.

Steven Olschwanger
Chef and nutrition counselor