Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to eat out at Mexican Restaurants when you are trying to lose weight

Steven Sanger says us you can eat out a Mexican restaurant, enjoy it, and diet all at the same time. Steven Olschwanger tells us to tell the server not to bring out the chips. Replace the chips with corn tortillas as they are less fattening. Do not put butter on your tortillas use Salsa.

Steven Olschwanger tells us even though guacamole is health due to the avocados there is oil in the avocados so cut out the guacamole. As your main entrée order fajitas or enchiladas made with corn tortillas. Tell your server to leave off the cheese and order chicken enchiladas. Instead of refried beans which in a sense are fried order black beans.

Also another good non fattening entrée is fish, snapper, mahi mahi, and swordfish make for low fat entrees along with Salsa.

Before you leave try and drink one full glass of water. Steven Olschwanger states the more water you drink the less you will eat. Always try and use Salsa for extra flavoring.

Steven Olschwanger tells us we need to learn how to make our dining out experiences more favorable so that a person can enjoy their new eating plan.

Steven Olschwanger
Chef and nutrition counselor

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