Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Steven Olschwanger Health benefits of eating Natural foods

Natural foods include fruits, vegetables, meat fish, nuts and grains. Eating healthy indirectly means eating natural foods. They are not only good for the body but also for the mind. They do only good for us not any harm. They may taste less when compared with artificial foods but they are high in all sorts of nutrients,  StevenOlschwanger.

 Nowadays all are eating junk foods. They are bad for health, but very tasty. They come in colorful packets we are getting attracted by them very easily. They are harmful for health. They cause many diseases. It does not contain any nutrients so even when you eat lots of junk food you feel weakened.  Many of us know that  eating junk foods are bad for health but many are ignoring and continue eating and spoiling their health.

Now lets see how Steven lists the benefits of Natural foods.

Health Benefits of Vegetables

1.       Eating vegetables reduce risk of many serious diseases. It also reduces some types of cancers such as mouth cancer, stomach cancer and colon rectum cancer.
2.       Vegetables are lower in calories. They contain cholesterol.
3.       They improve immunity in our body.
4.       Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals. They are essential for health.
5.       Vegetables protects skin.

Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are packed with lots of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. They are rich in color and smell.
1.       Fruits are low in calories they contain no fat but contains minerals, vitamins and fiber which optimizes the body
2.       They are delicious.
3.       Fruits are rich in potassium, it helps in preventing high blood pressure, bone loss and kidney stones.
4.       Fruits contain fiber it lowers blood cholesterol, that helps in lowering heart diseases.
5.       Vitamin C rich fruits help in keeping teeth and gums healthy. It contains antioxidants and fight against infection and disease.
6.       Fruits which are rich in fiber will make you feel full for longer, and so it helps in controlling body weight.
Health Benefits of nuts and grains
1.       Nuts contain monounsaturated fats which are good for health.
2.       It satisfies appetite, so they are very good for snacks.
3.       They help in protecting Cardio vascular diseases because it contains magnesium, fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium.
4.       All nuts contain vitamin E which gives healthy skin and beautiful hair.

Health Benefits of meat

1.       Meat is a resource of protein. Protein helps in repairing the body, strengthens immune system, contains all important amino acids, protects from infections.
2.       Meat contains zinc, iron and selenium. Zinc improves metabolism, iron is a rich source of hemoglobin, selenium helps in breaking down chemicals
3.       Meat contains vitamin A, B and D. They are good for teeth, bone and skin.
So make sure that meal contains healthy foods. Eat healthy Live healthy. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Steven Mark Olschwanger Do’s and Don’ts in Diet

1)      Water:
Drink plenty of water. Many are confused thirst with huger. When you drink plenty of water you will not feel hungry in between meals.  Water balances the metabolism of our body.

2)      Exercise:
The simple way to tell weight loss is using more calories than consumed calories. So do exercise. Exercise not only helps in weight loss but also energizes and refreshes the body. Do different kinds of exercises. So that you will have fun and the same time you will lose weight.

3)      Eat
Eat food that will keep your stomach for longer time. When your stomach is full then the time between meals will increases and when you eat you will eat little and not more. Eat fiber rich foods so that you will get enough energy as well as good diet. There is a common saying that “Eat like a king in the morning and beggar at night”. So eat a lot in the morning and never skip breakfast. Eat healthy snacks between each meal.

4)      Sleep:
When you get 8 hours of sleep every single night it not only energizes and rebuilds the body but also helps in weight loss.

5)      Set a goal:
Set a goal that how much weight must be reduced in how many days. So that you will be motivated towards weight loss, plan accordingly and finally achieve the goal.
1)      Food:
Don’t skip meals or don’t take less calorie food as it will result in over eating because your body can’t tolerate hunger for a long time. Don’t eat a lot before going to sleep as it will disturb the sleep and it is not easy to digest the food at night times. Don’t eat fried or fat rich food; if you want some result then you must put some effort. Don’t eat processed food.

2)      Exercise:
Don’t overdo exercise. Exercise is very good but overdoing is not good so exercise 30 minutes to one hour a day and 3 or four days a week and give rest for the remaining days.

3)      Weigh:
Don’t check your weight daily as it will give worries because don’t expect anything to happen in overnight. The result will be produced gradually and not in a single day.

4)      Don’t seek the help of chemicals or other unnatural ways. It will cause loss in health and money. Seek the help of natural foods and products.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Steve Olschwanger Diet and Nutrition for children

Nutrition is needed for everyone and at any time. The quantity of the nutrition differs. Nutritious foods make children healthy and sharpen minds. Giving nutritious food is very much important as they are in the growing stage. Healthy eating promotes optimal growth and prevents obesity, says Steve Olschwanger.

Importance of breakfast in children health

Breakfast is very important very important for children. Breakfast helps the children to concentrate on studies and gives energy for the whole day. Breakfast is the food of brain, so it is unavoidable for children who go to school. Children who eat breakfast will have a good mental performance than the children who don’t eat breakfast.

If children don’t eat breakfast will not have memory retention and speech fluency. When children do not eat breakfast the brain cell will start damaging. Foods that are rich in carbohydrate are said to be healthy breakfast for children. Milk, banana and whole grain would be a best choice for children’s breakfast.

Healthy snacks
Like adults children can’t sit and eat and get full but they can have 4 to five meals a day. So that they can gain energy for the whole day and it also helps in developing healthy habits. But it is important to give them healthy snacks. Foods, cereal, smoothies, peanut butter, popcorn, baked sweet potatoes, fruit bars, a glass of milk, low fat cheese and apple slices would be nutritious and healthy for children.

Make your children to drink more water. They can take 6 to 8 glasses of water per day so that they will not suffer from dehydration. And brain is made up of 80% of water; it helps in children to develop their mental ability.  Other than water milk and fruit juices are good for them. Avoid fizzy drinks as they are low in nutrients but high in sugar.

Vegetables and Fruits
Whenever it comes for diet vegetables and fruits plays a vital role. Fruits and vegetables increases nutrition but reduce obesity and other sick factors in children. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber so they help in good digestion. They will be healthy as well as strong in academic performances. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Steve Olschwanger Developing Healthy Food Habits

Most people love to eat but there are some foods which are not healthy. Even though we know they are unhealthy, we still eat them. And this is the main reason for overweight says Steve Olschwanger. Bad eating habits are the main reason for putting weight in the body. Being overweight leads to several diseases like heart attack, diabetes and even can result in stroke. That is, people should more concentrate on the food they are eating and it is always essential and advisory to eat healthy foods and develop healthy food habits.

“When you eat any food, you should ask these questions to yourself” says Steven. “Is this food healthy?” and “Will it be beneficial to my body?”. If you say no to these questions, then your food is not great and it must be improved to lead a very happy and disease free life. One should practice always healthy food habits to avoid such inconvenience. Steven’s tips would be useful to you while following healthy food habits.

1.     Have complete meals everyday and that means do not skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2.     Your food should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables.
3.     Look for the words ‘whole grain’ as a first ingredient on breads and pastas.
4.     Add more body building foods such as milk, pulses, egg, meat etc.
5.     Taking in eight to ten glasses of water will keep you active during your work.
6.  Don’t just have all meat, all vegetables or all carbohydrates. Include a small serving of each.
7.    Get the natural kind when it comes to candies such as candies with less sugar and additives.
8.     Have fruits and vegetables on hand at all times.
9.     Eat slowly and the main thing is to chew your food and eat.
10. Don’t eat meals sitting in front of the TV or Computer.
11. Do not talk while eating. Do not eat while talking over the phone and these things will make sometimes to over eat.
12. Eat as much as you need don’t eat as much as you can.
13. Don’t eat something as because it is there.
14. Practice exercises in a regular manner.
15.Instead of cool drinks, you can also take coconut water or butter milk.

Steve Olschwanger is a Food and Nutrition Specialist who has written several books on health. Be a role model and Be Healthy!

Follow the tips of Steven to develop Healthy food habits!!!