Saturday, 28 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Ways to Stay in Shape

Getting in shape is tough, but it can be done by anyone. Staying in shape has various benefits. StevenOlschwanger has pointed out some tips for staying in shape.

Balanced Diet

Always have a balanced diet. Your diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and proteins in a correct proportion. Once you stop this diet, you will end up with putting weight. So follow this regularly and correctly.

Eat correctly

Take three healthy meals in a day. Do not eat more than that or less than that. Your breakfast should consist of healthy dishes. Fruits can be taken one hour before you have your lunch. And, your lunch must be rich in fiber. Make sure that your lunch includes vegetables like

·        Corn
·        Cauliflower
·        Broccoli
·        Cabbage
·        Raspberries
·        Greens
·        Celery
·        Squash
·        Beans
·        Mushrooms

You can follow a routine and add these vegetables in your meal. In the evening you can have a light snack preferably not oily. Instead of rice you can take oat meal or wheat for dinner. Finish off your dinner with a glass of milk.


Eating correctly and doing exercise are the major factors to stay in shape. Walking is the best exercise and you can walk year round, indoors, outdoors or even treadmills. If you can carry some weight along with you while walking, it will be better for your bones and this will burn more calories from the body. Or you can also take any team sport and play with your friends. If you are not interested in group sport, you can also go for Aerobics. You can also try for bicycling or riding.

Losing weight is a gradual process and it cannot be done in one day. If you follow Steven’s tips, you will get better results.

Staying in shape is healthy and you feel better mentally and physically. Also you can even look better. According to Steven Olschwanger what you have to do is plan your food, exercise and have a look at your diets whether they are healthy or not. You can see yourself staying fit and happy throughout the day. Best wishes!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Winter Healthy Foods

Winter is cold that your diet should contain foods producing more warmth and heat than in other seasons. What are the foods that we should take in winter says Steven Olschwanger. Soups, casseroles and stews are appropriate for the winter month as they strength your adrenal/kidney pathway. Winter foods increase the cooking time than the foods which are cooked during other seasons.

Steven says Fruits constitute only a smaller part during winter. Vegetables should be given top most priority during winter season. Root vegetables like yams, turnips, onion, garlic and potatoes make a bigger portion of the winter diet. Whole grains such as wheat, millet, barley, brown rice, oats and buckwheat are good body heaters. You can take this in winter. Cooked with legumes such as black beans, lentils and kidney beans make a warming and nutritious meal.

Steven has listed some of the foods to take during winter.
·        Rye
·        Oats
·        Lettuce
·        Carrot tops
·        Celery
·        Amaranth
·        Escarole
·        Citrus peel
·        Millet
·        Barley
·        Soya beans
·        Raspberries
·        Mulberries
·        Strawberries
·        Walnuts
·        Black sesame seeds

As winter corresponds to water element, ocean foods such as fish and sea weeds are also good for winter. Eating more food is encouraged but there are some guidelines. Fish is good but it contains traces of methyl mercury. The fish most likely to have lowest level of methyl mercury are salmon, cod, mackerel, cold water tuna and herring.
Limit your intake of fish to once in a week Fresh water fish must be limited to no more than once in a week. Eat most of your fish baked or steamed and no frying, grilling of fishes.

Don’t neglect your body’s need for vitamin C during the winter. And don’t let the holidays derail your health eating plan. Just incorporate these foods in your daily diet and you will enjoy this winter wonderland.

Best wishes to take healthy winter foods from Steven Olschwanger!!!

Steven Olschwanger Tips For Healthy Living

Holiday Plan-
With a few simple changes we can enjoy our holidays without gaining the extra pounds.
1.     Don’t arrive starving.
2.     Start a new tradition of family out that involves activity.
3.     Establish ground rules with yourself.
4.     Keep track everything you eat so, that you will less tempted to overeat.
5.     Eat smaller amounts of high calorie meal.
6.     Eat food whenever you feel hungry and save the calories for the food you love.
7.     Talk more eat less.

Quit Smoking to lose weight-
If you have finally decided to quit smoking then you won’t gain weight over the long time. You can get help and co-operation from your family, friends and doctor. Mental health professional or many FDA-approved medications can help you tailor an approach for quit smoking. Eat more vegetables and swap that alcohol or coffee for a glass of milk to avoiding your smoking triggers.

Eat winter superfood sweet potatoes-
These luscious orange tubers play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease and boast a wealth of phytochemicals including vitamins C and E, copper, iron , beta-carotene, foliate. Without any additional flavor enhancers and fats , roasted sweet potato is delicious.

Exercise your brain-
All types of exercise including weight training, ballroom dancing, swimming, walking, aerobics helps to reduce the bad effect of aging on the brain. Exercise may stimulate the body to fight against stress which is commonly occurring in the brain.

Drink morning hot coffee-
The caffeine in the warming cup of morning coffee may lower the risk of mood problem, cavities, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and stimulates your nervous system and brain.

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which may improve glucose metabolism and magnesium which can enhance glucose tolerance and improve the sensitivity of insulin for preventing diabetes.

Use friendly fungi-
The medicinal mushroom Cordyceps may improve symptoms of bronchitis and asthma. It has been also used to enhance lung strength.

Steven Olschwanger What Foods Should you Eat if you are a Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is like a slow poison. It is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. People suffer from this disease because of junk food intake and lack of exercise. It is something that cannot be ignored and it can also lead to liver and heart problems. Diabetic patients should know what to eat and what you should not. Steven Olschwanger has said some of the foods to eat for Diabetic patients.

1. Eat foods with less sugar
It is suggested that the Diabetic patients should take fruits with low sugar level. Grapefruit is an excellent fruit for you. You should eat them on a regular basis and can also add them in your meal. Another most popular fruit consumed by them is Jambul fruit. It has good effect on the pancreas and it is treated as a good medicine. Gooseberry also plays a major role and it helps in decreasing the blood sugar level.

2. Limit the content of cholesterol
Diabetic patients should limit the content of cholesterol in their daily diet. You should eat less fatty meat and can eat fish, lean meat, shrimp and so on. You should add a minimum of five fruits and vegetables per day in their diet. Whole cereals, grains, pulses such as barley, wheat, millet, oats, brown rice and sago etc. can be added in your meal.

3. Avoid soft foods
Eating soft foods make the blood sugar to rise rapidly. If you take porridge instead of rice, some of the starch gets converted into dextrin and it is easily energized. Don’t eat rice for dinner as it will increase the blood sugar level. You can take any pulses or oats.

4. Never skip meals. Don’t eat 2-3 large meals per day. Instead eat 5-6 small meals. As the foods you eat should be evenly distributed throughout the body.

5. Add Dairy products in your food like milk, eggs, lentils, nuts, legumes and fish.

6.  Avoid junk foods or preprocessed foods.

7. Drink more water and say no completely to soft drinks or other sweet liquids.

8. Do simple exercises like skipping, walking, jogging, riding or cycling at least 30 minutes per day.

9. Include proteins in your food list. They energize your body and don’t affect the blood sugar levels in your body.

Steven Olschwanger has written many articles related to body maintenance, diet etc. He has said some natural ways to reduce the blood sugar level.  So, eat healthy and drink a lot of water and exercise so that your blood sugar level gets controlled. Best wishes !!!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Love to Eat? Hate your Belly?

For some reasons, our body loves to hang fat around our mid-section. The fat around the mid-section looks ugly, uncomfortable and can cause a variety of health problems that we could all do without.

Excess fats can also cause heart diseases as well. For example, Diabetes and also Breast Cancer. Even though when we effectively lose fat from our body, we still have the excess tire in our middle area.

Steven Olschwanger has discovered that it is possible to shrink belly with food i.e. good and right foods. Eating right foods at the correct time can reduce all the unwanted fats present in the body. You have to include foods that are rich in fiber in your diet. There are basically two types of fiber and it is necessary to include both types in your diet.

Soluble Fiber
It is the fiber which sucks excess fluid and removes it from the body. It minimizes the level of cholesterol and it checks whether the digestive tract is healthy or not. These fiber foods can also reduce colon cancer. The digestion takes longer time with these foods and this slow process helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. And also it decreases the frequency of hunger between meals.

Soluble fiber rich foods are

·        Oatmeal
·        Barley
·        Prunes
·        Pears
·        Citrus fruits
·        Legumes
·        Peas
·        Nuts
·        Fruits

Insoluble Fiber

This fiber does not easily absorb fluid, but it absorbs toxins and estrogens which can also be the reason for cancer.
Insoluble fiber rich foods are

·        Bran
·        Cocoa powder
·        Beans
·        Rye bread
·        Green leafy vegetables

This combination of foods can help to eliminate belly fat. While choosing beans, you have to be very careful. Your beans must be lean and mean!!

Some people avoid oils and fats if they are trying to lose weight. But the truth is, some oils are good for health and body. Healthy mono saturated fats such as olive oil are vital for optimum health of organs.

Other good sources of mono saturated fats are

·        Olive oil
·        Nuts
·        Olives
·        Peanut butter
·        Avocados

These tips help you to enjoy a longer and healthier life. Best Wishes from Steven Olschwanger!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger’s Tips for Athletes on Staying Healthy

Steven Olschwanger has provided some tips especially for Athletes on Staying Healthy. As an Athlete, your body needs to be healthy even if you are supposed to eat out. You have to eat the right types of foods so that your body will work for you and it can help you in all situations.

An Athlete should be healthy and energetic. One of the ways to maintain health is your diet. You should manage your diet and the calorie amount what your body needs so you can give better performance in competitions.

Here Steven gives you some tips for staying healthy.

Tip #1: Develop a workout routine:
Include some Cardio workouts and training before involving in any sports. Whatever sport it may be but your overall health is important. You can also do yoga for some time so that it can improve your reaction times.

Tip #2: Eat a well balanced diet
Your diet should be balanced which means it should contain all the nutrients needed for the body like proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in a correct proportion. Check whether your diet has at least 5 fruits and vegetables. You can decrease your calorie intake, if you want to lose weight. Stay away from unhealthy foods or fast foods. Don’t skip off breakfast or dinner. Eat thrice a day. Avoid juices instead take coconut water, buttermilk etc. Drink lots of water so that it can keep you hydrated.

Tip #3: Match your abilities with your interests
When working out, it is important that you should enjoy your training program. You have to select the one that is perfect and fits your lifestyle. Try to find workouts which meet your personal goals. You can also get these types of supports from your coach or trainer.

Tip #4: Learning from failures
Sometimes you may lose the match. Don’t give up. Try to analyze what went wrong and think about how to overcome those in the future. So that you can achieve things you wanted.

Tip #5: No Body Abuse
After two hours of training, take a ten minute break. Don’t abuse your body without taking a break since you cannot build any strength by training hard continuously. You should also avoid over training as it is not good for health.

Tip #6: Build friendships
Learn to make friends inside your group or organizations. Thus as a result, increases your motivation level. Always have a wider smile on your face.

Steven Olschwanger has got some tips especially for Athletes. He owns an informational website that provides health tips, weight loss tips, diet tips, health and fitness etc. He helps people to understand about health and fitness. If you follow the tips of Steven, you can find changes in your body and in your energy level. Best wishes from Steven.!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Benefits of Consuming Natural Healthy Foods

Nowadays, people around the world came to know about the importance of natural healthy foods and it is important to consume natural healthy foods every day. There are numerous of healthy foods around us. Steven Olschwanger says in this article about the benefits of consuming Natural Healthy foods.

Some of the benefits said by Steven are

·        Natural Health Foods are low in cholesterol and saturated fat. So, that will help you eliminate energy reserves and lose weight in the process.
·        You can lead a healthy and happy going life.
·        Since your body is healthy, you can notice a great change in your mood.
·        Healthy foods will also ensure that you are bustling with energy.
·        You will feel easy to maintain a natural healthy lifestyle.
·        Getting more energetic and productive.
·        Encourages positive thinking
·        Your self esteem increases every time whenever you have most nutritious healthy alkaline foods or health drinks.
·        You wake up with a smile; feel alive, great, awake and enthusiastic.
·        You find the energy to exercise.
·        Your bones, joints and muscles begin to feel more supple and strong.

How to have natural healthy foods in diet?

Steven suggested some tips that can be taken to be in control of your health.

1.     Eat more alkaline foods.
2.     Drink natural health drinks.
Avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners or caffeine. Drink coconut water, butter milk instead of fruit juices. Fruit juices include additives or preservatives which are not good for health.
3.     Use environmentally and friendly household products.
4.     Keep your diet closer to nature.
5.     Buy from responsible manufacturers.

Take care of yourself physically and it is the first and foremost duty to consume natural healthy foods for a happy and peaceful life. If you follow the above steps, you can enjoy the benefits of consuming natural healthy foods.

Be Healthy and Be Happy. Best Wishes from Steven Olschwanger!!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger 5 Extraordinary Fat Fighting Tips

Weight gain is one of the common problems mostly in everybody’s life. There are lots of solutions to overcome this problem and only thing you have to do is to burn the fats. Steven Olschwanger says fat fighting tips mainly for the people to lose weight. His main aim is to help people reach their optimum weight and get rid of the excess.

Fat Fighting tip #1: Exercise
The main thing to burn the excess fats is doing exercise regularly. Doing exercise overtime is also not good for health. You should do at least 30 minutes a day. Simple exercises like skipping, sit ups, aerobics, floor exercises, riding cycle will do.

Fat Fighting tip #2: Eat Healthy Foods
Steven says us to intake healthy foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner. How we eat is not important. What we eat is much more important than the former question. Do check whether your diet has enough fruits and vegetables. If you eat healthy foods, then the optimum body weight will be maintained.

Fat Fighting tip #3: Eat Correctly
One important reason for weight gain is over-eating. You should identify your hunger levels and stop eating when the stomach is full.

Fat Fighting tip #4: Avoid Salty Foods
Salt is more important in the food as it helps to digest the food. But when the intake of salt is more, the salt gets stored in the body as fat. And these stored salts do not allow melting the fats in the body. So, it is not advisable to take more salt in the food. If you want to lose weight quickly, avoid spicy and salty pickles. Use sea salt instead of chemically treated salt in your food.

Fat Fighting tip #5: Increase Water Intake
Do take more than eight glasses of water a day. If you are suffering from more fat, then you need to take more water. It burns the fat present in the body and also it increases the metabolism rate in the body.

With these above tips, you can lose the fats easily. Follow these steps and you will get the good and beneficial results in the end. Best wishes from Steven Olschwanger!!!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Developing Healthy Food Habits

Most people love to eat but there are some foods which are not healthy. Even though we know they are unhealthy, we still eat them. And this is the main reason for overweight says Steven Olschwanger. Bad eating habits are the main reason for putting weight in the body. Being overweight leads to several diseases like heart attack, diabetes and even can result in stroke. That is, people should concentrate more on the food they are eating and it is always essential and advisory to eat healthy foods and develop healthy food habits.

“When you eat any food, you should ask these questions to yourself” says Steven. “Is this food healthy?” and “Will it be beneficial to my body?”. If you say no to these questions, then your food is not great and it must be improved to lead a very happy and disease free life. One should practice always healthy food habits to avoid such inconvenience. Steven’s tips would be useful to you while following healthy food habits.

1.     Have complete meals everyday and that means do not skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2.     Your food should contain a lot of fruits and vegetables.
3.     Look for the words ‘whole grain’ as a first ingredient on breads and pastas.
4.     Add more body building foods such as milk, pulses, egg, meat etc.
5.     Taking in eight to ten glasses of water will keep you active during your work.
6.  Don’t just have all meat, all vegetables or all carbohydrates. Include a small serving of each.
7.   Get the natural kind when it comes to candies such as candies with less sugar and additives.
8.     Have fruits and vegetables on hand at all times.
9.     Eat slowly and the main thing is to chew your food and eat.
10. Don’t eat meals sitting in front of the TV or Computer.
11.Do not talk while eating. Do not eat while talking over the phone and these things       will make sometimes to over eat.
12.Eat as much as you need don’t eat as much as you can.
13.Don’t eat something as because it is there.
14. Practice exercises in a regular manner.
15. Instead of cool drinks, you can also take coconut water or butter milk.

Steven Olschwanger is a Food and Nutrition Specialist who has written several books on health. Be a role model and Be Healthy!

Follow the tips of Steven Olschwanger to develop Healthy food habits !!!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Importance of Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is important in every one’s life. What you eat and what you don’t eat is not important. Balanced diet contains all the components that are necessary for a body in a balanced manner. The components can be divided into vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, antioxidant etc. It has foods from all major right groups in the right quantity. The right quantity and the right type are important. This diet helps the body to produce extra muscle mass which is also needed for body building By Steven Olschwanger.

Why it is important?

A well balanced diet followed from a young age plays an important role in achieving good health and lifetime of fitness. Without a balanced diet, the body will not be able to handle the stress and strain. When the body is supplied with the proper nutrients in the right manner, it functions properly. When the functioning of the body is smooth, it will handle all the extra works smoothly. If a body builder consumes a balanced diet, he/she need not consume any extra supplements to achieve their goal or to help him/her. We should know what food has what effect on the body and to consume right balance healthy foods.

What consists of a balanced diet?

The diet should contain carbohydrates in the correct manner. As they are the pie source of energy and with the help of only that we can do our work in a regular manner. It also contains proteins to repair the damaged muscle fibers. The diet should contain a minimum amount of fats to reduce the formations of LDL or cholesterol.
One advantage with a balanced diet is that one does not put extra weight even with the intake of fats and carbohydrates.

How should you plan your diet?

Eating a balanced diet is not that much difficult. You have to take a little bit effect and make meals at home instead of buying lunch or dinner outside. The carbohydrates should come from high fiber foods like grains, wheat and pulses. Avoid refined flour and its products. Do check that you add five fruits or vegetables in your diet. Choose low fat variety foods and for proteins eat fish, lentils or lean meat.
Everyone would like to be more nutritious. If you want to become a healthy individual, a well balanced diet should become a habit and you will soon feel healthy and fit. Begin your healthy balanced diet from now !

Best Wishes For Your Diet Plan By Steven Olschwnager

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger High Fiber Foods

High Fiber Food may be the most important foods in this century as it helps a lot to the people. It can reduce cholesterol content in the body, blood sugar and even can prevent cancers and hemorrhoids. It moves relatively quickly and easily through your digestive tract and because of this it functions properly. So a high fiber diet is important in day to day life. It also reduces the risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, hyper tension and heart diseases. The best way to increase your fiber intake is eating fiber rich whole foods By Steven Olschwanger.

Why Fiber?

Digestive system disorders are common today and to get rid from that these fiber foods are necessary. They can help to digest the food easily and pass the wastes through the system quickly and in a short time. With this help of fiber, one can also overcome the common struggles of weight loss. So, a good amount of fiber must be present in the diet each day.

Best High Fiber Foods

Some of them include

·        Corn
·        White beans
·        Black beans
·        Kidney beans
·        Garbanzo beans
·        Lima beans
·        Avocado
·        Whole-wheat Pasta
·        Brown rice
·        Brussels sprouts
·        Bran flakes
·        Edamame
·        Whole wheat bread
·        Lentils
·        Pear
·        Celery
·        Garlic
·        Artichoke
·        Oatmeal
·        Raspberries
·        Peas
·        Broccoli
·        Apples
·        Almonds
·        Barley
·        Pearled Barley

These are excellent natural foods as they taste good and you can add them into your favorite meals. In fruits, Raspberries contain high amount of fiber. In grains, high amount of fiber is present in Spaghetti, whole wheat and barley.  In nuts and seeds, split peas has the highest amount of fiber when compared to all others. In vegetables, artichoke has the highest amount of fiber in it.

All individuals should consume around 30 to 40 grams of fiber each day. These foods are readily available these days and can be found in any store that sells food. These foods should be properly eaten on a regular basis. If you want to keep your diet healthy and stay healthy add fiber foods in your daily life. Fiber foods are much important to the body and so should be to you!!

Best Wishes For Your Diet Plan By Steven olschwanger