Monday, 23 December 2013

Steven Olschwanger Love to Eat? Hate your Belly?

For some reasons, our body loves to hang fat around our mid-section. The fat around the mid-section looks ugly, uncomfortable and can cause a variety of health problems that we could all do without.

Excess fats can also cause heart diseases as well. For example, Diabetes and also Breast Cancer. Even though when we effectively lose fat from our body, we still have the excess tire in our middle area.

Steven Olschwanger has discovered that it is possible to shrink belly with food i.e. good and right foods. Eating right foods at the correct time can reduce all the unwanted fats present in the body. You have to include foods that are rich in fiber in your diet. There are basically two types of fiber and it is necessary to include both types in your diet.

Soluble Fiber
It is the fiber which sucks excess fluid and removes it from the body. It minimizes the level of cholesterol and it checks whether the digestive tract is healthy or not. These fiber foods can also reduce colon cancer. The digestion takes longer time with these foods and this slow process helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. And also it decreases the frequency of hunger between meals.

Soluble fiber rich foods are

·        Oatmeal
·        Barley
·        Prunes
·        Pears
·        Citrus fruits
·        Legumes
·        Peas
·        Nuts
·        Fruits

Insoluble Fiber

This fiber does not easily absorb fluid, but it absorbs toxins and estrogens which can also be the reason for cancer.
Insoluble fiber rich foods are

·        Bran
·        Cocoa powder
·        Beans
·        Rye bread
·        Green leafy vegetables

This combination of foods can help to eliminate belly fat. While choosing beans, you have to be very careful. Your beans must be lean and mean!!

Some people avoid oils and fats if they are trying to lose weight. But the truth is, some oils are good for health and body. Healthy mono saturated fats such as olive oil are vital for optimum health of organs.

Other good sources of mono saturated fats are

·        Olive oil
·        Nuts
·        Olives
·        Peanut butter
·        Avocados

These tips help you to enjoy a longer and healthier life. Best Wishes from Steven Olschwanger!!

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