Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Steve Olschwanger Can Teach his Philosophy to Medias and Businesses

There are so many television, radio stations and newspapers have not figured a way to get full mileage out of selling banner ads. It’s not the fault of the sales reps but the fault of management who never really discovered how to sell banner ads.
Steve Olschwanger can teach his philosophy to Medias and businesses on where they should place their online advertising
Selling banner ads is not like selling display ads, radio or television spots. So what happens is many Medias end up selling banner ads as an added value. From my 15 years of experience I have learned that banner ads have a value of their own and not giving it away.
By concentrating on News, Weather, Life, Living, Sports links you are missing out. Banner ads can be sold as the greatest marketing tool but most media’s don’t understand. They also don’t understand how to market banner ads.
SteveOlschwanger developed a platform of over 400 educational topics in the areas of Health, Legal, Home Improvement, and Finance. This site offers educational information on over 400 topics that can be sold to businesses that normally don’t spend their advertising dollars on radio, television, or newspaper. This site is a great way to get into the back door with nontraditional advertisers.
Please keep in mind that if you don’t over sell this product you will get new advertisers that will stay with you for a long time and allow you to sell them other advertising vehicles. Remember their banner ad doesn’t need to bring in hundreds of new clients. If you ask more advertisers they will tell you “if I can just get a few new clients” they would be pleased.

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