Monday, 3 June 2013

Steven Olschwanger Restaurant Tips for Dieters

Weight Loss is not easy to do for people who dine out. Try going to a Mexican Restaurant with those great chips that can be dipped into the Salsa. Those are fried and you know what happens when you eat fried food, they turn into fat fat fat.

How about the restaurants that bring you rolls and butter. Bet you can’t eat just one and eat it without the butter. If the pre dinner eats are on the table you can’t resist. The brain is stronger than the desire. Your diet fails because the restaurant dangled the carrot right in front of you.

Why do restaurants put our worst enemy right on the table for us to see especially when we are on a diet? The restaurant doesn’t care all they care about is food food food so you can tell your friends you got so full eating at the restaurant.

You need to learn how to eat when you go out. First drink lots of water before you go out to eat and the water will fill you up and you will eat less. That is number one over everything else

Steven Olschwanger restaurant tips for Dieters

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