Monday, 6 May 2013

Steven Olschwanger Re Banner Ad Sales

With newspaper, radios stations having to reduce their sales staff banner ad sales continue to fall off. Steven Olschwanger developed a system for major media websites to increase banner ads sales with a reduced staff. Steven Olschwanger developed a system where your sales staff can reach 25 businesses in one hour versus one potential advertiser in one hour. Less staff, more contact to advertisers is the key to selling banner ads.

The second most important thing as to when it comes to selling banner ads is creating a target audience for your advertiser. They day of ROS is coming to a close as it makes it very hard to attribute ROS Banner Ads to sales. You need to learn how to create a way that targets end users to contact the sponsor of the banner ad.

If you have a media website Steven Olschwanger created a website that attracts people with a legal problem, medical problem, Home Improvement problem, or a financial problem. People want to be educated. They are not just looking for who are the authorities. The authority to the end user is the banner ad over the educational information.

Steven Olschwanger created a website that offers educational information on over 300 Health, Legal, Home Improvement, and Financial educational topics.

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