Thursday, 31 January 2013

Steve Olschwanger

Steve Olschwanger specializes in selling banner ads on media websites in areas of business that don’t normally advertise, especially buying banner ads. These businesses are labeled non-traditional advertisers which is the toughest business areas to crack for sales reps. Most banner ad sales reps for major media companies fail to even get through the front door with these type businesses. Steve self taught himself to get through the gatekeeper and he was able to sit down with the potential advertiser and show them how a banner ad will benefit their business.

Steve Olschwanger deals with attorneys, doctors, and home improvement companies. Steve learned long ago that you must first educate the potential advertiser. He learned that in many cases that the person he sits down with might have one time bought banner ads but did not buy them properly. This gave these businesses a bad taste regarding buying banner ads in the future.

Many banner ad sales companies selling banner ads sell you something that sound great but in reality you really only got what you paid for. When a banner ad runs below the fold there is a reason why it’s cheaper than other banner ads. Rarely, no user sees these banners though it is counted as an impression which is why the term “below the fold” was created.

Some sales people will sell you what is called ROS, Run of Site which could run anywhere. There are only a few examples where this banner ad placement performs. Banner ad placement boils down to finding and matching your target audience. Banner ads work based on our renewals. When you own a 75% renewal rate means a company like ours is making successful placements for their clients when it comes to banner ads.

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